In the blink of an eye…

Birthdays are approaching, I guess I’m being a bit philosophical about my crew.  Gah!  Time is going by SO FAST!  My precious babies!  In a flash they turn away from babyhood as they seemingly race at break neck speeds down the path of life.  My baby girl, just 3 1/2 months old is already displaying a distinct personality.  And my goodness how she has changed!  From a sweet little bundle to a loud and boisterous package already inflicting her influence on the world.  I turned around just the other day to discover she can GRAB things!  WHEN did THAT happen?

My second bundle of energy, my Ezra.  He is just a few weeks away from celebrating his third birthday.  Up in the air is whether we should have a John Deere or Curious George theme for his party.  What a child he is.  So full of warmth and kindness.  He is always the first to offer a lending hand or a piece of his snack.  But watch out,  he isn’t one to be crossed!

And wasn’t it just yesterday I cradled my first baby boy?  Noah is now on the verge of turning five years old!  What a five years it has been, my goodness!  He is a little man now!  So full of life!  So eager and excited for each and every day.  His nickname is smiley.  It fits him perfectly.

They are my loves.  They are my passion.  They are the source of my inspiration.  I thank God for them.

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