Feeling All Warm & Fuzzy Inside

My to do list these days is endless.  Crystal Starr Photography is absolutely exploding!  What a ride!  The blessings God is bringing me through my camera are exhilarating…. and exhausting!  It isn’t always easy keeping up with what is essentially a full-time business, a husband, and three children (two of whom I am homeschooling and the third of which I exclusively nurse).  I rise early and fall to my pillow late.

The most important business related item on my to-do list this evening was delivering a print order to a recent client.  I usually love delivering prints.  I love the ooohhhs, aaaahhhs, and smiles.  It is fun to bring a bit of happiness into people’s lives.  The conversation tonight over the open box of prints did not disappoint.  The family was happy with the final product.  Horray!  But then Mom held the 11×14 print of her gorgeous daughter near the spot on the wall it will soon grace.  Suddenly, for me at least, the photo came alive and took on new meaning for me.  It became not just something pretty on my computer screen (as I see my creations on the computer FAR more than any other place I have the opportunity to see them – it is the nature of the digital photographer).  But something precious for this family.

Jeanette is growing up. She’ll be off to college soon.  Her whole life awaits her.  I know it sounds corny and kooky and what have you, but I can sort of imagine Jeanette’s future children – and dare I say grandchildren – admiring these photos and gushing over how gorgeous she was when she was just a young lady ready to strike out into the world.  No they won’t think of me the photographer during those moments.  But something I created will be enjoyed and have precious meaning for a long time to come.  That just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I’m not sure I can look at this photo in just the same way ever again.  Thank you to Jeanette’s family for blessing me with so much with just this one photo shoot.

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