I Think I’m Getting Old! (or I Married a Special Man!)

Yesterday morning as I was emphatically imploring my two young boys to CLEAN UP! CLEAN UP! CLEAN UP! their ridiculous messes I  made a miscalculation that cost me for the rest of the day.  On this day my children are just shy of 5 years old and just barely 3 years old and like all little kids they can turn a space into complete chaos in a matter of moments!  Let’s add to this two busy parents who haven’t insisted their children keep up with their regular routines and we had what Noah would call “A DISASTER!”  Mommy had successfully managed to get them to clean their bedrooms… it was the downstairs playroom that was another matter.  The space is large and I know that cleaning it can seem like a daunting challenge to little children.  Yet I pressed on with an arsenal of threats and incentives.

During the chaos I chose to move their paper box.  It is a pretty decent sized box I keep stocked with various kinds of paper that the children are free to dig through and color and draw on to their hearts content.  It is a favorite activity in our house.  Since I set that box out I’ve noticed both of my children have begun developing fantastic creative and drawing abilities.  Family members have gotten wind of our paper box and graciously offer up scraps from their work places and such to keep the box continuously full.  Well, apparently unbeknown-st to me, quite a bit of paper has been added to that box recently.  What once weight only a couple of bounds was suddenly total dead weight as I went to lift it.  Can you guess what happened?  Yep! I did that old pulled out my back trick!  OUCH!  I’ve never done that before, it made me feel OLD! The rest of the day I CRINGED every time I had to lift Joyanna.  Oye!  It hurt!  Yep, I’m whining! So be it!  I popped a couple of fast acting Advil before I hit the road for my afternoon shoot.  I got through that ok but man was I sore by the time I came home.

This is where my hubby comes in.  While I was away he played super dad.  Not only did my husband manage to get our children to finish cleaning the playroom, but he also cooked us a delicious dinner and managed to keep our daughter smiling (though I admit this last one is downright easy)! I came home to a yummy hot dinner and three happy children.  What could be better?  Well except that he also happily bathed and dressed our children as well as brushed their teeth, read them stories, and tucked them into their beds for the night.  What a sigh of relief for me!

As the night wore on it was probably pretty obvious that I was pretty wore out.  I had thought of pouring myself a hot bath after the boys had theirs, but anyone with two little boys knows you really need to scrub the bath tub down after EVERY ONE of their baths.  That didn’t sound appealing to me so I left the thought behind.  Just before Todd put the boys into the tub he leaned over and whispered “Would you like me to scrub the tub and pour you a bath after the boys are done?”  I squealed with the delight.  OF COURSE! He even dug out my bath pillow!

So last night I got to do something I don’t often do much of these days.  Nothing!  I laid in the tub, floating in the deliciously warm water, eyes closed to the world.  I just was.  All on my own.  I just let my mind drift off and I enjoyed my long moment of quiet solitude.  It was absolutely wonderful! Thank you Sweetie~

I love my husband! I married a very special man!


  1. I love the perspective you got on the shot 🙂 I have three boys so I understand the messes! Wonderful of your husband to step in!!

  2. Love you Sweetie!

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