A Photo I Love! Despite the Flaws!

Photos can be many things.  They can be beautiful works of art that inspire emotion and interpretation.  They can be spectacular visual creations that brighten a dark space or tie all the elements in a room together.  Photos can make a statement, have an impact, declare a thought or idea.  Photos can be used to help and heal or to tear down and break apart.  Photos are also spectacular for freezing a special moment in time.

This photo of my two boys was taken during a recent family weekend getaway.  I just thought they looked so cute sleeping curled up together like this.  It was taken with my little point & shoot.  The lighting was terrible and the on camera flash made it worse.  It was snapped as fast as possible so as not to disturb the sleeping beauties.  There is nothing technical or artful about this photo.  One might call the composition boring.

WHATEVER!  It is a very special moment in time for this Mommy!  It says so much to me about who they are right now and about their relationship together.  I want to take this photo and blow it up as big as my wall and remember it forever.  I’m sure it’ll find multiple homes in our family photo albums.  I love it and that is all that matters, right?  Before long they’ll be well grown beyond this stage and I’ll treasure this photo all the more.  I think I need to take more snap shots like this.

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