WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?  Yep, that’s what my blog just screamed at me as I logged on to it for the first time in… over a month?  My poor poor blog.  I have hurt her feelings.  She has been there by my side for over six months.  Through thick and thin she has shared my stories, my photos, my life!  She has been a conduit for my clients to learn about me and to access their photo sessions.  She’s been my assistant, no… my partner.  And here I haven’t paid a lick of attention to her is several weeks!

Why?  Why have I been so mean, so hurtful, so neglectful?  I mean really, what is the matter with me?  I have a list of excuses!  I’ve been busy!  That one is the easy one, everyone is busy right?  No, really I have been!  I’ve had sessions, and of course this is basketball season!  Basketball season sucks up gobs and gobs of time!  Especially because I am the league photographer.  I’ve been chained to my computer for days on end trying to get those photos ready for delivery.  Oh, and I’m opening up a new store with my own line of digital scrapbooking supplies just next week.  There is a time sucker for you too!  And… lest not forget that I am a homeschooling mother to three precious babes!  Our schedule is jammed packed with lessons, field trips, playdates, group meetings, b-ball practice, and karate!  And can we say SNOW!  MOUNTAINS OF IT!  Enough to depress even the most diligent of winter lovers.

But let’s get real.  If I sit and reflect I can tell you exactly why I’ve neglected my sweet blog.  Remember our old friend fear?  Yep, she’s back and rearing her ugly head again!  UGH!  I hate FEAR!  Here is what happened!  My sports gig pittered away.  Because I was the backup photog, the pinch hitter who took the grunt stuff no one else wanted I was always at the bottom of the list in terms of assignments.  I didn’t mind as the work flowed.  But with the economy their full time photogs are hungry for work.  So I got shafted.  Truth be told, the pay stunk and it wasn’t really worth my time.  Sometimes, if you factored in the drive time, gas, and the editing time I was barely able to squeak out minimum wage.  So though I’m sure it was a blessing in disguise, it was still a blow.

Then there was this wedding I thought for sure I had in the bag.  But a the bride had a family member who piped up and offered… so you know how that goes!

On top of that I THOUGHT I had some weddings lined up as a second shooter.  Well that photographer seemed to fall off the map!  I waited patiently to hear from her.  She had promised me LOTS of work in February and March.  The days ticked by.  No one answered my emails.  I was stumped.  Last we talked she was planning to bring me into her organization as a lead photographer.  With GREAT pay!  Now… crickets!

So despite the fact that my portrait work has not fallen off.  I have plenty of clients in that arena.  I sort of froze.  Where is my photography going?  Is this really God’s plan for me?  What is going on?  Fear!  UGH!

Well thankfully I got a nudge and got over my fear.  First, I started to connect with some of the photogs in the biz that I look up too.  I reread their stories and watched their videos.  I remembered they are like me.  They have faced fear.  But they pushed through.  Then I started texting that photographer who had promised me work this winter.  I found she likes texting.  She always responds in moments.  Low and behold she still needs me.  We spoke on the phone and she explained what happened.  She decided to travel this winter and gave her work to another photographer.  But she’ll be home soon and we’ll get rolling again!  In fact, I should be looking at that lead position come late summer!  Yahoo!  Oh, and I prayed.  And God leaned on my heart.

So blog, here I am again!

I have a fantastic wedding to shoot in a little over a month.  I am thrilled and excited!  Let’s get this ball rolling.  In the meantime, here are my babies! Keep your eye out for some recent sessions to appear here in the next couple of weeks!  I’m back!


  1. glad you’re back, hang on kiddo, good things on their way I’m sure. Remember when you’ve done all to stand, then stand.

  2. Crystal,
    It was so fantastic to meet you yesterday at CTPPA. I’m glad you put up with me even though I wasn’t quite myself, it made the long day easier to pull through. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the site with the lilacs and soft purple colors. I didn’t see your old site but you are defintely going places! Congratulations and stay in touch.

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