The Riverview of Simsbury Wedding: Jennifer & Jeremy

How much can life change in a year?  Well, ask Jennifer and Jeremy.  It was not much more than a year ago that each of these two were living separate lives in separate worlds each praying to God that their special somebody would come along soon.  Don’t get me wrong, they were wonderful full lives filled with family, friends, and work.  Life was good, but they wanted something more.  That is when God brought them together.

I’ve known Jeremy for years.  We attend the same church and have for quite some time.  I consider myself blessed to be able to count him among my friends.  I’ve had the privilege of watching Jeremy work hard for what he wants out of life and I have admired his character even during the hard times.  When he brought a new certain someone to church not all that many months ago I have to say my interest was piqued.  But one thing was for sure, I liked her even before I met her.  After all, I knew it’d be a special woman who would steal Jeremy’s heart.

Before I knew it there was an engagement.  I wasn’t surprised.  I saw how he looked at her.  Everyone did.  And if you know Jeremy you know that when he makes up his mind that’s it.  They absolutely seemed right for each other and I was thrilled for them.  As for Jennifer, the more everyone got to know her the more we all fell in love with her too.  It really does seem to be a match made in heaven.

Then came the day I had secretly hoped for but didn’t expect.  A phone call from Jeremy asking me to photograph their wedding.  At the time I had been working as a photographer, mostly as a second shooter or assistant, for just about year.  I was having a ball photographing strangers.  Could I photograph someone I knew?  Someone I cared truly about!

I’ll save the details but I’ll just let you know, I was dreadfully nervous for our first consultation.  After a daylong family trip to the beach I nearly didn’t make it due to terrible traffic.  I cried in the car next to my husband for fear I had blown it and they would choose someone else.  Somehow the sea of cars parted and I made it, albeit with sand in my hair, just in time.  I should have known better than to worry.  Jeremy and now Jennifer, are my friends.  They were completely laid back and they made me totally comfortable. Ha!  Wasn’t it my job to make THEM feel comfortable?

The day of the wedding finally arrived.  These two are so crazy in love they just couldn’t wait and settled on a March wedding.  Of course the day was pretty bitter cold, but at least the sun was shining.  I was up early hitting up Facebook and so was Jen.  We were both too excited to sleep! My husband/assistant arrived to the hotel just in time to find Jen unwrapping her rolled up hair.  She was so calm, relaxed and full of smiles.  She told me over and over again she wasn’t nervous, just excited.  She knew she was making the right choice.

I squealed when her sister and Matron of Honor Julie led me to the dress.  How gorgeous!  I love long shear gowns and the beading was just the perfect accent.

Of course she had sparklies!  What bride would be complete without her sparklies? And flat shoes of course, at Jeremy’s insistence? Do you think he has a little issue with his rather short stature?

Jen also carried a special locket with her grandparent’s photos as well as a handkerchief that was passed down to her.  What special and meaningful touches.

Jen had a troop of bridesmaids who were as fun as they could be.  We all had some great laughs as everyone ensured Jen would look her best!

I do believe however the sweet flower girls and ring bearer completely stole the show.

On thing was for certain right from the start, this wedding would also be a fantastic party!


I have to thank these ladies.  They were excellent troopers!  Despite temperatures that probably didn’t reach the mid 30’s, and gowns that probably made it feel more like the 20’s, they graciously allowed me the opportunity to capture some fantastic outdoor photos!

Now, I absolutely must take  few moments and focus on Jen.  What an absolutely stunning bride she was.  Words escape me.  She was such a joy to photograph.  Thank you Jen for rocking it out!

What about Jeremy you say?  No I didn’t forget about him.  Lucky for me he chose to get ready in the same hotel as his beautiful bride so I was able to capture his moments too.

As for his groomsmen?  Well they did not disappoint.  Jeremy chose a great group of guys, of course!  What else would you expect.  They were a blast to work with and even humored me when I asked them to get a bit silly.

The ceremony was absolutely magnificent.  It took place at Avon Congregational Church which is a historic, white, and somewhat rustic church.  It’s simple elegance fit them and their ceremony perfectly.  However, Jen and Jeremy never miss a chance to share a laugh.  So when the two of them teamed up with our church’s pastor fondly known as Pastor Joe, the giggles were sure to follow.  I’ve never had a bride have quite so many hysterical reactions as Jen did on her day!

But first, Jeremy’s perfect breathtaking reaction the moment he laid eyes on his bride.

The perfect ceremony for the perfect couple.  Really, it could not have been any better!  Once the ceremony was through I snagged a few last outdoor photos of the wedding party and the bride and groom before we all boarded the shuttle to go the party.  These guys really were wonderful.  It really was super cold!

The Riverview of Simsbury has a very pretty gazebo and Jen truly wanted some photos taken at that location.  Despite the cold, her wish was my command.  These two rocked it.

Jen and her family and friends worked very hard to deck out the reception hall.  Her pink and lime green them was beautiful.  The apple motif was very fitting for this fabulous teacher.

Their reception was awesome!  They were the kind of couple out and about and mingling with everyone.  They talked, they hugged, they danced.  And as a result, so did everyone else.

I’ll leave you with this last photo.  Jen and Jeremy celebrating all that has changed in not much more than a year.  They have gone from two separate people living two separate lives to one united team, together forever.  Thank you two from the bottom of my heart for giving me the honor and privilege to be such a part of your day.  I’ll never forget it!

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  1. Katie Kurze says:


    These photos are great, you definitely have an eye for what you do!! Hope to see you soon 🙂


  2. Crystal – great job capturing this special day!!! You can see the emotions & certainly follow the story! Rock it, girl!!! Can’t wait to see more of your work!!!

  3. Thank you Katie and Maryana! Your comments are very much appreciated!


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