Baby Olivia & Family! A Newborn and Family Session!

Children are small for only so long.  It’s true.  Everyone says it.  Everyone KNOWS it.  But when you are the parents of small children it is somewhat hard to feel it.  They say the days are long but the years are short.  Blink your eyes and your newborn is a baby, a toddler, a school kid, a teenager.  That is why I delight in the newborn and family sessions.  Your family will only be just like this for an extremely short time.  Capture it before the opportunity passes you by.

This is the family of our great friends Pam and Tony.  I’ve known Nikki since he was just a baby crawling around my living room when his mom dropped him off once or twice a week while she worked part-time.  My husband and I have had the pleasure of watching this family grow along side ours over the last several years.  This fall they introduced their latest addition.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity to photograph her.  This family is notorious for having children with LOTS of hair.  Baby Olivia did not disappoint.

All of their children are just absolutely gorgeous and such sweet kids to work with.  I was totally impressed with how well they did exactly what I asked for.  They were just delightful.  My studio was just filled with giggles.  Lots and lots of giggles.  What could be better?

Thank you Pam and Tony for sharing your family with me. It is always a privilege to capture the early days!

I appreciate readers and adore comments.  Please show your love for this family and leave some words of encouragement!

Thank you!

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