Friday Loves!

Happy happy Friday!  What week!  I am completely and totally EXHAUSTED!  Anyone else out there feel the same way? ALL of my children are sleeping at the moment.  That is a rare event these days and a total testament to how busy we have been the last few days!  There was a lot to love about the week but then again, there are always things I just could have done without.  Here is my weekly wrap up!

Things I Could Have Done Without!

  • For some reason the check engine light on our family van keeps coming on.  We’ve had it to the garage I don’t know how many times!  They keep saying they got it fixed… and then they don’t!
  • Contractors and repairmen.  We have a lot of friends in the trades and for that I am very grateful as they offer us so much advice.  But these days, with all the work they are doing to our house, it feels as if they are moving in!
  • Airports… ‘nough said right?  I made two trips week!
  • Lonely nights!  My hubby was traveling for work this week.  Yep, I was on my own with all three kidlets… could that be why I’m so tired?
  • Cooking!  In my house my husband is the cook.  With him gone I had to step up to the plate (literally) and do it myself.  I still do not enjoy it.  But I’m proud I did it!
  • Disorganization!  Really, if you are running an organization, please have your act together!  My son’s soccer program isn’t everything I had hoped for!

My LOVES for the Week!

  • My husband Todd!  You never really appreciate all someone does until they aren’t around any more to do it!
  • Though I missed my sweetie dearly, I am proud of all I accomplished and how our week went without him!  I spoke last week about always giving your best in everything you do.  I had no choice but to do my best without someone to fall back on.  It was awesome!
  • My clients and friends.  I have had so many encouraging comments, messages, and notes about my photography this week that it is just unreal.  Thank you!
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee.  Yes, I am becoming a bit of an addict.  What can I say, I have a weakness for Caramel Latte’s!
  • My session this week with little Thomas.  What a bundle of joyous energy!  We sure did giggle a lot together.  It’ll be fun to share those photos.  You can see a little preview below.

Enjoy your weekend!

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