Loves and of course… the not so loves!

Friday again!  Doing these posts every Friday seems to make the week go by faster.  I feel like I just wrote one of these a day or two ago!  Well, it’s been one crazy week!  But that’s life right? Let’s get on with it already!

Not So Loves!

  • A not so love would definitely be the sore achy and tired body I had to drag around all day Sunday after the very long day shooting Jennifer and Jeremy’s wedding on Saturday.  Eh, it was worth it.
  • My children and their socks.  I never knew children could have such a hard time keeping track of their socks.  We can NEVER find a matching pair.  And these days we can’t even find any that fit!  They are either too big or too small.  What is up with that!
  • Drive thru windows that take longer than it would have if you had gone inside!  Really, that’s annoying!
  • Technology!  I’m trying very hard to implement some new webpage and slide show ideas into my work flow.  But it doesn’t always work the way I think it should.  Makes me want to SCREAM!
  • The weather today! If you live in New England I know I don’t need to say another word!


  • I have the best support system ever!  My hubby is on the front lines always doing whatever he can to help me as a mom, a photographer, and a business person.  Love you sweetie!  A close second would be my mom.  I can always count on her to watch my crew and she does an amazing job!  Thank you Mom!
  • I think we figured out the diaper rash issue!  It might be the wipes!  Keep your fingers crossed.
  • My son who always puts his clothes on backwards (shirts, pants, underwear – you name it!)  We’ll often find him wearing TWO pairs of underwear and once in a great while, none at all.  Gotta love it!
  • Sunshine.  Ok, it’s going to be yucky weather today… so I’m sending out some love to the sun to invite it back out from behind the clouds!
  • My love photo this week is an old one.  It is of my first furbaby Odie when he was just a puppy.  Look at how tiny he was!  Now he’s a 8 year old man with a full gray face!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Thanks for reading and thank you even more commenting!

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