Sibling Rivalry at it’s Best!

It was Sunday morning and I was standing in the bathroom getting myself ready to head to church. My two boys were hopping around the house being their usual active and rambunctious selves.  They always start to ramp it up as we are getting ready to leave. I guess it is just the excitement of getting out. We go out pretty much every day! I’m not quite so sure what is so exciting about it. I guess maybe I should take their cues. Life is more fun when you are excited about it after all.

I’m standing at the mirror and Ezra peaks his head in. Here is the conversation that followed.

Ezra: “Mommy I like your shirt.”

Noah then appeared over his shoulder: “Mommy I like your shirt and your pants. They’re nice!”

Ezra: “Mommy I like your shirt, your pants, and your socks. They’re pretty.”

Noah: “I like your shirt, your pants, your socks, and your sweater! They’re VERY pretty!”

Ezra: “I like your shirt, your pants, your socks, your sweater, and your HAIR! You look BEAUTIFUL Mommy!”

I guess I can deal with this kind of sibling competition. Momma was certainly feeling the love. What a couple of goof balls. I  just started laughing and thanked them both with a great big hug.

What a way to start the day. Don’t you think?


  1. Great picture (especially after reading the narrative above it).

  2. That’s too cute!

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