Words That Took My Breath Away! Connecticut Wedding Photographer

It was an early Monday evening.  I was feeling a little bit melancholy.  I usually do for a week or two after I shoot a wedding.  Nothing extreme but a little bit like… “Now what?”  The adrenalin of the big day followed by the rush to edit enough photos to create my blog post and slide-show leaves me feeling a bit raw and exposed.  I’m not exactly sure why.  I guess it is just part of the emotional journey as I pour myself into every single event I do.  I also sleep very little as I work late into the night, night after night, making each photo my own personal master piece.  When I am tired I get a bit emotional.

My husband found me sitting on my bed, iPhone in hand, sobbing and shaking.  Yes I know it sounds totally dramatic.  And yes I guess it was.  It had been four days since I had posted the images to the blog and since the bride and groom had yet to return from their honeymoon I was still on pins and needles waiting to hear what they thought of their photos.  So when this email came through, the flood gates just sort of opened up!  All of the emotion I put into a wedding just came flooding to the surface.  My husband took one look at me and totally turned white.  He thought something terrible had happened.  I couldn’t even breath let alone speak so I just handed over my phone so he could read for himself.  I reprint it here with permission from the author.

My daughter Julie sent me the link to your website and I saw the slide show for Jen and Jeremy’s wedding. The pictures are fantastic. I also saw the story that you wrote with the pictures to go with it. I was so touched by that it made me cry. I never even knew you were there taking pictures which is very important to me. You did a beautiful job and I can’t wait for Jen and Jeremy to see them. As Jen’s mother I can’t thank you enough for capturing that day so perfectly. We will always remember the day through your eyes and they are really very special eyes. I can’t thank you enough for helping to make Jen’s dreams about her pictures come true. She was so comfortable with you as were the rest of us. Thanks for taking the time to take her picture with her grandparents especially. That will mean a great deal to them as well.
Again, Vinnie and I want to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for your work and care in what you do. You really added a great deal of care and sentiment to that day for us and we are eternally grateful for that. It was a pleasure meeting you and your husband.

Those words made it all worth it!  They came from Ellen Motolo, mother of the bride!  Thank you Ellen!  So very much! A couple of days later I got another message about this wedding.  I’ll share that one with permission too.

I just loved all the pictures you took of Jen and Jeremy on their wedding day.
Having known Jen-Jen for so many years it was so exciting to see her special day played out so perfectly.
The couple looked so happy and relaxed.
Thank you for my special memories……..Cindy Scotton

And the icing on the cake came from my bride Jen herself.  She left this on my Facebook Profile page!

Crystal, thank u so much for the pictures and the kind words! You are amazing! Having you as our photographer was honestly the easiest decision we had to make!

I had to share these with my readers!  I appreciate the kind words so much!  The tears I shed when I read those words were total tears of happiness, joy, and relief. In the days since I received these messages I have made it a goal of mind to be more encouraging to others, even random strangers.  Doesn’t encouragement just feel so good?  I like to pass it around.

Thank you again Jen and Jeremy for allowing me to capture your day!  Here is a new photo I don’t think anyone has seen just yet.

Enjoy and have a splendid day!

Feel free to peak back and Jennifer and Jeremy’s wedding by clicking here.


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