Fun With My Kiddo’s! iPhone Silliness! And of Course the Winner of the Gorgeous & Co Giveaway!

Horray!  It’s Friday!  Did you all have an enjoyable week?  I did!  We had our fair share of craziness!  It seemed my Noah had a touch of the stomach bug early in the week.  The rest of us have suffered from terrible spring time allergies, or a cold… not sure which but both are miserable!  We also battled a silly little field mouse!  I have to say though that it was an extremely productive week!    I am so looking forward to tomorrow!  I get to get out and shoot a wedding with LaViera Photography!  It’s been a while since I’ve worked with her and I am very much looking forward to it!

Do you remember last Friday’s post?  I wrote about What I Hope My Children Say About Me In 30 Years! In that post I talked about wanting to be a more fun loving mom and how I’d like to spend more time just playing with my kiddos.  I was serious about that!  So I stopped yesterday afternoon and I sat down at the kitchen table and rolled up my sleeves to play with play-doh!  I had a really excellent time.  Truth be told I LOVE play-doh.  It was one of my favorite activities to set out when I was a public school special education preschool teacher.  It was so soothing not only for my students for ME as well.  It was awesome to sit and really enjoy my boys for a little while.  And I was able to unleash a little bit of creativity at the same time!  I thought it’d be fun to document our little play time with my iPhone and share it all with you!

What a mess we made together!  I think that was the best part!

So I hope you all have a great weekend!

Oh wait!  Were you all hoping to learn who the winner of the Gorgeous & Company $25 gift certificate is?  Of course you were!  I absolutely enjoyed this give away!  I hope to do something like it again soon!  Giving away stuff I love is a blast!  Hmmm…. what should I choose next time?

Anyway, without further a due… it seems in this case the early bird catches the worm as comment number THREE from Kim is the winner!  This is what she said….

“I Love G and C…been meaning to get my hands on one of her products for awhile…pick me, pick me!”


Congratulations Kim!  I’ll be sending you an email shortly!  What a way to end the week!  Hooray!

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