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Ashley Sisk of Ramblings and Photos hosts a fabulous photo scavenger hunt each and every week!  She calls it Scavenger Sunday!  I decided I wanted to join in on all the fun!  Any excuse the break out the camera right?  (ha, like I need an excuse!)  Except I think I’ll probably end up posting on Monday.  So for me it’ll be Scavenger Monday!

My first week was pretty amusing.  Here are the photos we are supposed to find:

  1. architecture
  2. rimmed with light
  3. toes or feet
  4. this is my favorite
  5. shade(s)

Well you all know me by now!  I can’t just go out and snap any random old photo!  I think photos should tell a story.  So a story I will tell!  I had an engagement session recently that has yet to be blogged.  It’s turn is coming up pretty darn soon!  A few of the photos worked perfectly for this challenge so I thought I’d offer a little sneak peak while I’m at it.  What you are about to read is complete fiction.  In a few weeks when I do fully blog this engagement session I will tell you the fantastic story of this fabulous couple.  But for now, just indulge me while I exercise a little fun and some extreme goofiness.  Just remember! I’ve never claimed to be a writer!

ps.  I guess the royal wedding hoopla sunk it a bit.  Sorry!  I had no idea I’d head in this direction until I was deep into it!

One Sweet Princess!

Once upon a time in land far away lived fair maiden princess who wept all day.  She lived in a castle so cold and so dark.  Her life was a string of endless days that left a dreadful mark on her heart.  The floor was so dank, the walls were so cold.  Everything she touched was just like rough stone.


She sat in her room on the edge of her bed and gazed out the window with a feeling of dread.  She’d never escape, she’d never be free.  She’d never have a chance to live her dream.  Late in the night, when it was too cold to sleep, she’d lay wide awake and her mind scream… “I want to run! I want to fly! I want to leave and escape and never say goodbye!”  Tears would slide like ice down her cheeks as she finally drifted off to sleep.

She awoke with a start and nearly fell out of bed when she felt a soft warm touch on her head.  Her mind raced as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes “Who is this stranger and does he want?” She thought as she looked up and locked her gaze on his eyes.

“I have come to rescue you.  To take you some place warm.  The place you’ve dreamed of.  To a new life.  Now come take my hand and let us get out of this cold place.”

In a flash the princess was on her feet.  Now was her chance! Her chance to be free! As she raced to get dressed she wondered how could this be? Her dreams finally coming true.  What a chance to begin anew.

He grabbed her hand and they raced for the door.  Shoulder to shoulder they ran down the hall.  She was running so quickly she was sure she would fall.  They rounded the corner and there just in front her stood the doors standing tall.  They threw their weight at the large metal gates with all of their might and they swung open to such a sight.

my favorite

The world lay before her in all it’s glory.  A warm blast of air enveloped her face.  They raced away from the castle and toward the shore! They laughed and they danced and they frolicked in the surf!

toes or feet

She was free! She was warm! Her dreams were coming true!  They laughed and they played until the sun was nearly set.  Her handsome rescuer swept her up in his arms. Who was this man anyway and where did he come from? He was a true man of mystery.  Anxious to know more about her dashing rescuer our princes reached up and pulled away his shades.  Her heart skipped a beat, her breath caught in her throat as she was met with the most radiant eyes she had ever met.  For her it was love at first sight.

mystery man's shades

“Come”  he said, it is time to go.  And with that he lead her down a path onto a new life.

Rimmed with light

And… you guessed it…

They lived happily ever after!

The End!



  1. What a clever idea! Very cute 🙂

  2. You have such a beautiful perspective – I’m so glad you jumped in! I look forward to seeing more of your work!

  3. I love you turned it into a story! Very creative and fabulous shots!

  4. Faaaaaabulous creativity!! Beautiful pictures!!

  5. Love all your pics! They are all amazing!

  6. I love your shots! That last one is amazing ;D

  7. That is such an awesome way to do the hunts! 🙂 I enjoyed it! 🙂

  8. These are fantastic! I like the detail in the architecture and I think the “feet” is fun!

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