How I Spent My Memorial Day!

The streets were pretty quite, only a handful of people were walking about.  Dark heavy clouds overhead held the promise of rain to come pouring down any minute.  “But I’ve never been to Providence! I want to go check it out.  I’ll be fine!”  Those were the words of my husband, still saddled by a foot cast and crutches, as we contemplated what to do with our free morning.  We were in Providence Rhode Island on Memorial day.  I had been hired to assist with a wedding nearby the day before.  We had hoped to get a little time in together before we headed home to our crew of kidlets.  The crutches and the pending storm left me feeling hesitant.  He must be crazy to want to walking around downtown Providence in the rain on crutches.  But my husband knew I was itching to take some street photos before we headed home.  I didn’t honestly think I’d capture much, the place was pretty quiet after all.

But he insisted.  We climbed into the van and drove around until we found a comfortable place to park.  I didn’t want to go far.  I didn’t want to be caught in a rain storm too far from our van.  We walked slowly together in the peace and quiet.  He’d pause on a bench while I went to work creating something or other with my camera.  It really was a peaceful day.  The best part, after just shy of 10 years of marriage my hubby still knows how to make me happy and I still marvel as his self-less, giving, caring, generous spirit.

I found myself near the Providence river where I saw something I had never had the pleasure of seeing before, something I didn’t even know existed in the United States.  Perhaps I need to get out more?  I was amazed by the gondola’s.  Early this year the boys and I did a little unit study on Italy.  Of course we spent lots of time talking about the canals and the gondola’s you find there.  I knew they’d love these photos and Noah would probably ask me if we went to Italy!



It did start to rain pretty quickly.  You can see the drops falling in some of the photos. A few other photos I took I am saving for some upcoming photo challenges.  I’ll share those in the coming days.

But I do have to share this one.  My loving, sweet, patient, kind, husband.

After we walked around Providence a bit he decided it was time I get my Mother’s Day present.  Yes it is late but let me explain.  It is all my fault!  I was SUPPOSED to rent a lens I’ve been thinking about buying forever BEFORE Mother’s day.  I said I would do it.  I wanted to do it.  I wanted to try it out before I plunked down the cash.  But I didn’t do it.  I felt very guilty about spending money on a lens.  I didn’t want to rent it, fall in love with it, and then just not buy it because I didn’t want to put out the cash.  So I didn’t rent it.

Meanwhile Todd KNEW I would be reluctant to buy it myself so he planned to buy the darn thing for Mother’s day.  But he really wanted me to give it a try first… just in case.  But I didn’t rent it.  So he didn’t buy it.  How stinky huh?

Well I finally got to use the lens.  I borrowed it from a fellow photographer the day before and LOVED it!  When I told Todd that he jumped right on the computer and found the nearest camera shop.  We were going to buy the darn thing no matter if I liked it or not.  Luckily for me, Hunts Camera Shop was right around the corner.


I came home with this…

A “micro” lens, other wise known as a “macro lens.”  The short of it is I can take REALLY close up photos and get REALLY great details.  Here is a really great example!  This is a photo of my Kindle keyboard. LOVE!

I’m going to have LOTS of fun with this one!  I’m sure my upcoming blog posts will be FULL of all of kinds of new images!  Yeah!

So that was my Memorial day! Pretty fantastic right?  How was yours?



  1. Thank you so much for posting about finding love & weddings. It was just what I was looking for.

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