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Let me tell you a little story about my client and friend Annie.  It is a story I’ll probably never forget.  Back in my former life I worked as a preschool special education teacher.  Now I’m sure that doesn’t sound too difficult to most.  I mean, how difficult could it be to teach a bunch of three and four year olds right?  Well, in a lot of ways you’d be right.  There was just one thing… it seemed I specialized in children with pretty severe behavior problems.  I didn’t mean to specialize in that sort of child.  It was just that I happened to be pretty good with those kids and they always seemed to find me.

It was a curse and a blessing all at the same.  I loved those kids.  The bigger the challenge the more my heart reached out to them.  But the bigger the challenge the more often I found myself ducking and covering.  I’ve been scratched, kicked, and bitten.  I’ve had computers flung at me and chairs crashed down over my back.  And sometimes those felt like the good days.

Nearly six years when I was pregnant with my first son I was still in the classroom.  At the time I had one student in particular who was really special to me.  (Truth be told they were all pretty special in different ways).  Well this one child was having a particularly difficult day.  I had spent a good half hour trying to settle him down (while dodging books and other hard flying objects) when he decided to bolt from the classroom.  I had no choice but to run after him.  So run I did.  Let me tell you, running at that point in my pregnancy was no easy task.

I did manage to catch up with this little munchkin and even get him settled down.  However, he was determined NOT to return to the classroom.  That is when my friend Annie appeared.  This fabulous lady had a class of her own students to teach.  She had her own long list of things to get done.  She had her own bucket load of student problems to contend with.  But none of that mattered to her in that moment of time.  Annie stopped and helped me get my wayward student back to class.  She took all the time in the world to make it happen.  In that moment I’m really not sure what I would have done without her.  It was a special sort of kindness that I’ll never forget.

That student ended up moving on and becoming one of Annie’s students.  I’ve been able to keep distant tabs on him over the years and I hear he is really doing quite well.  That thrills me!  I know he moved on to very capable and talented hands.

Fast forward to today.  Annie is now starting her own family!  How absolutely wonderful for her!  We’ve been Facebook buddies for a while and when I got a message from her requesting information on newborn sessions I coundn’t help but give a little shout of joy.  I was THRILLED to have the opportunity and totally honored that she thought of me.

When the day finally arrived I had the opportunity to meet Annie’s husband and mother.  What sweet people!  They were such an easy going family to work with.  Photographing a newborn can take quite a bit of time and patience.  Newborns are often not the most cooperative of little people.  They often have their own agendas.  I was so grateful to Annie and her family who allowed me to take my time and wait until we could have things just right.  They were so gracious when I invaded their home with all of my gear, backdrop stands, blankets, and equipment.  It was a fantastic session and I was able to create photos I knew she’d be proud of.

And my sweet N!  What a doll!  Is she just no the most absolutely precious thing you have ever seen!  She had such beautiful big eyes.  She was so alert at times!  She delighted in checking out all the new things in her little world.  To top it off, she didn’t seem to mind much when I had my big black camera pointed right in her sweet little face.  She even managed to sleep peacefully in spurts just long enough to capture some really fantastic shots.  What a little trooper!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I consider it a true honor and blessing when I am invited into a family’s home and asked to capture such special sweet times.  It is a gift to do and I take it very seriously.  I hope you enjoy Little Miss N as much I did!

Thanks again Annie for being there for me all those years ago and thinking of me today to photograph your sweet baby girl.


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