My Baby is ONE! Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!

It was 3 days before Christmas in 2009.  I found myself laying, rather uncomfortably, on a hard doctor’s examining table.  An ultrasound technician had spread the cold sticky jelly over my huge bare belly.  She was using the ultrasound machine to check out every last detail of the precious little being wiggling around inside of me.  I held my breath.  We were just about to learn whether this bundle, our third, would be a boy or a girl.  We were already the proud parents of 2 amazing boys.  I was in total denial that this one could be a girl.  I couldn’t picture myself the mother of a little girl.  Could I really raise a girl? Pig tails and pony tails.  Dresses and lace?  It was beyond my imagination.  Yet… this pregnancy was different.  I was beyond exhausted and morning sickness unlike anything I had experienced with the boys.  “It’s a girl!” She said.  I couldn’t breath! I was thrilled because really it didn’t matter.  But I was shocked.  Really, could I be a good mommy to a girl.  Well it didn’t matter… I would be no matter what.  It was one of the best moments of my life and I cry now thinking about it.

Four months later Joyanna came screaming into the world.  A healthy 8lbs. 6oz.!  Perfect in every way!  She graced everyone with her entrance by peeing all over the place.  She wasted no time making her mark on the world!

And for everyone who came to meet her it was perfect love at first sight.  I don’t think anyone was a smitten as her brothers though.  Noah dove right in.  Ezra was a bit hesitant at first but it really didn’t take him long to warm right up to her either.

I was the momma of a baby girl.  My boys changed my life in one way.  She changed my life in a totally new way.

The first thing we noticed about Joyanna was how absolutely fitting her name is for her.  I remember thinking over and over and over what happy girl she was (and still is).  I said it to myself so often that it sort of turned into that country song that goes “The sweetest thing in the whole wide world is a happy girl.”  She really was, and is, the sweetest thing.

Her brothers! My goodness!  Some people were afraid they’d be jealous or give me a hard time.  That they might misbehave while they were getting used to the shifts in the family.  HA! Our biggest issue was that they just went totally OVER BOARD in their love for her.  They would have mushed her with hugs and kisses every minute of every day.  I waited patiently for that to wear off.  It never did.  Now though they get to play.  Now she loves to crawl after her big brothers and laugh and giggle.   And her first words… no Momma or Dadda.  She does sort of say those but now with much purpose.  But she certainly DOES yell for Ezra (Errraaa) and Noah (OOOAAAhhhh)  ALL OF THE TIME!

Of course, as the daugther of a photographer she has had to endure more than her fair share of photo sessions!

Looking back at these photos makes me teary.  It all went by so fast!  Did I take enough photos!  I can’t go back now.  It is what it is.

She was my first thumb-sucker.  I thought that’d be a difficult habit to break.  But after the teeth started coming in she gave it up all on her own.  Now I miss it.  It was very cute!

It’s funny!  A lot of people warned me that adding a third was the hardest thing they ever did.  Now there were more children than adults.  They say that it totally changed the dynamic of the family.  They said a lot of things to sort of dissuade me from having more than two.  Honestly though… she slid into our family like she’d always been there.  Right from the start.  We’d pop her in a carrier and off we went.  Even to Boston. I can honestly say I TRULY feel like 3 was way easier than two!  She makes our family perfect!

She is so full of life! A total character!  And dare I say… smarter than ever her brothers!  Don’t tell them I said that!  She just has the benefit of learning from them! LOL!  She’s also feisty, still very happy, but she perfected the art of the temper tantrum very early on!  She did have two role models after all!

Did I tell you she is the biggest eater of the three!  Yes, she can and will eat more in one sitting than her five year old brother!  Our grocery bill is truly suffering!

She’s picked up quite a few nicknames.  I call her Baby Girl, Joyanna Banana, Banana Face, or just plain Banana (she does have a love affair with bananas after all).  Then there is Sweet Pea, and Sweet Girl, Happy Girl, and Love.  She bears them all well!

So… she’s one now!  Not really a baby baby any more.  She’ll be walking soon and then I guess I’ll have to admit to her being a full fledged toddler.  She is the sweetest most precious thing I’ve ever met in my life.  I can’t believe she’s mine.  And I still am shocked to be a mother of a girl.  She is just so JOYFUL!  Even other people say it.  It was the perfect name for her.

Happy Birthday My Banana Face! Mommy Loves You!


  1. Heather Ryng says:

    Beautiful!! Congrats & Happy Birthday Joyanna!

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