Time For Another Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger Hunt Time Again!  Last week I had a blast with Ashley Sisk of Ramblings and Photos and her photo scavenger hunt.  I truly enjoyed making up my little goofy princess story.  I thought I might try to rope in another story this week… but these photos just didn’t lend themselves to it.  But I’ll do that again when it seems to make sense.

This challenge is keeping me busy!  It makes me keep my camera at the ready and my mind turning.  You’ve got to be creative to make these image prompts work.  Love it!

1. This week is a straight out of the camera shot (SOOC).

I LOVE this photo!  The color, the softness, her expression, the light in her eyes!  But to make it work it’s going to need help!  That white backdrop will need some serious photoshopping.  I’ll need to warm her skin up a bit.   I’ll sharpen her eyes and make them twinkle as well.  Great photo for giving you a peak into what happens behind the scenes so to speak.

2. Sprouting!

I took this one the other day during an outdoor infant photo shoot while mom was changing baby’s outfit.  Perfect sprouting photo!


3.  Isn’t It Ironic?

This photo is of my hubby recuperating from Achilles Tendon surgery.  Not one my most super artistic photos for sure.  But it does document a memory in our family.  This is ironic because my husband has wanted to play in this basketball league for quite some time.  However there are limited spots available.  He finally gets an invitation and wouldn’t you know he injures himself during the very first game and is out the rest of the reason.  Ironic isn’t it?


4. Lazy

My sweet Ezra oh not so interested in getting out of bed.  Definitely a lazy moment in his life!  I love photos that document every day moments.  Unfortunately Ezra didn’t have quite the same vision at that moment in time.  He was pretty annoyed with me.  Can’t you tell by the look on his face?


5. Smells Like Spring!

And the last one for today!  Smells like spring!  I’m not sure how you convey a smell in a photograph.  I keep thinking they’ll invent something like that some day!  But until then, you’ll just have to take my word for it that these blossoms did smell pretty darn sweet!


So there you have it!  Another Scavenger Sunday…. errr… Monday!  I post these on Monday so for me it’s Scavenger Monday! Have a great week!



  1. Great interpretations! Love that smells like spring shot!

  2. I know that first shot is going to look incredible when you’re all done with it. I love the two floral captures – beautiful job!

  3. Aww, your poor hubby! What a cute shot though – and your “sprouting” pic is gorgeous!

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