FAQ: What to Wear To a Photo Shoot 2nd Edition

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog post on the ever difficult topic of what to wear to photo shoot!  I received some great feedback from that post.  Many of you told me it was incredibly helpful!  I am glad for that!  No matter if you choose a session with Crystal Starr or one of the other super talented photographers in the world, your choice of clothing can really make a session go from good to fabulous.  Whenever I come across a useful resource I will be sure to pass it along.

Recently I noticed a post on the  I Heart Faces blog that contained some fantastic visual depictions of great outfits that you can use as inspiration.  I was elated when I saw they posted permission for photographers like me to share those images on our own blogs with our readers and clients.  So, here I am!  Sharing them with you!

I love the summery feel in both ensembles.  They play a bit off of the classic nautical theme without the old red, white, and blue that is so typically used.  Also, these outfits take a cue from my previous blog post where I suggest you choose 3 complementary colors and work from there.  The set of outfits surrounds itself around the colors of orange, grey, and blue.  While the 2nd set of outfits is based on the colors yellow, navy, and blue/grey.


These boards make me want to go shopping!  And that is saying a lot because anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a shopper!  ESPECIALLY a clothing shopper.  The inspiration gives me head start though and gives me a bit more confidence that I could find something that works.

I hope these images help you the next time you try to plan outfits for a family photo session!

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