The Best Way to Start the Day!

My alarm clock was blaring in my ear.  Through my groggy sleep filled haze I raced to get it shut off before it awoke my baby girl who was sleeping next to me.  I couldn’t remember exactly when she in to our bed the night before.  I didn’t mind though.  I hunkered down for a few more minutes of snuggles with her before I began my day.

I set my alarm extra early, 5:15am to be exact.  I wanted some time before my crew began to awake.  I have a bunch of early risers.  6:30 is late in our house.  I scurried out of bed, tossed on a sweatshirt and slipped on some shoes and then grabbed my camera.  I was going to for a walk!  I wanted to capture the world before most of it was awake, while the sun was still low, the shadows were soft, and the light was just gorgeous.

Early morning is truly the sweetest time of day.  Before the earth starts moving and things are still fresh and new.  Nothing is tainted and everything is full of new possibilities.  The air is fresh, clean, and cool.  Out the door I went, ready to create something new with my trusted camera.

And so I did!  It was my first opportunity to get some real uninterrupted time in with my new macro lens.  I hoped I’d find a lot that struck my eye.  Macro photography is a whole new thing for me.  I didn’t quite know what I’d come back with but I knew the possibilities were endless.

The world is a beautiful place and it was worth the effort that it took to get out and be a part of it.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  In my part of the world today is going to be a scorcher.  Take care of yourself out in the heat.


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Crystal!! Which macro lens did you get?? I have one, it was the second lens I bought when I got my first dslr, and I LOVE it. I got soooo many neat shots of flowers, bugs, jewelry, etc. Have fun with it!!

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