The Santos Family

I have a really really awesome job.  As a custom photographer I have the opportunity to take the time to really get to know the families I am privileged to photograph.  Unlike chain studios that have you in and out in 20 minutes, I have created a business that allows me to spend an hour or two and in the case of newborn babies even three or four hours capturing photographs for a family that I hope they will treasure forever.  Occasionally friends will request a shoot and I find this most humbling.  I think it takes a lot of trust to get in front of someone’s camera and it is touching when someone I care for chooses me to do it.

Let me introduce you to the Santos family.  We have Hank, his wife Nancy, and their two boys Eric and Kyle.  My husband and I have known this family now for 7 or 8 years.  We met at church.  Hank was the driving force behind the basketball league that is run by our church that my family is so passionate about.  I remember the very first year working side by side with Hank and witnessing his passion for basketball and reaching children.

Hank and Nancy have two very special boys.  Eric is a very intelligent and an extremely talented basketball player in his own right.  Under his father’s careful guidance there is no telling how far this kid can go.  Kyle is a sweet boy who despite developmental challenges has excelled and grown tremendously in the years since I have known him.  I am truly impressed with all that he is becoming as he grows.

This session was unique.  It took place at a local rehabilitation center.  Hank was recently diagnosed with aggressive cancer.  I was able to get to him and capture these photos just a few days before he began an aggressive chemotherapy regiment.  Only God knows exactly what lies ahead for this family.  No matter what way you look at it the days are going to be difficult.  Hank and his family are in a battle for his life.  All we can do is pray.  I believe in miracles and I believe God can move mountains.


I hope the family will forever cherish these photos.  This is where they were and who they were at a very important time in their lives.  A time none of them will ever forget no matter what direction the path they are on takes.  I always talk about what an honor and privilege it is to photograph precious family memories.  Those words do not do justice to how I feel about having the opportunity to create these photos.

Thank you Hank and Nancy for inviting me in and allowing me to be there with you at such a time in your lives.  I’ll be forever grateful.




  1. The clients must be delighted with these images Crystal.

  2. Pam Muszynski says:

    Absolutely beautiful job!! What precious memories they will have to cherish.

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