A Boy and His Toy!

Dirty, grungy, filthy… the perfect place to photograph a boy’s toy!  My brother-in-law Tyler is a car guy.  Yep! Totally! Completely head over heals passionate about cars.  So much so that when he landed himself a position selling them at an area dealership it didn’t take him long to become one of the top salesman.  Despite the economy this guy is pretty much killing it most of the time.  What is funny to me at least is that I just can’t picture Tyler as a salesman.  But I guess his passion for what he is selling makes him a great one.

Of course this means Tyler is totally into his own car!  Tires, wheels, gadgets, doo-hickey’s, sound systems that fill the trunk, mufflers that sound like they are in badly need of repair (at least to me)… yep, he’s into all of it.  Classic.  He asked me to photograph his car.  That’s a high complement.  Just like a mom he wanted great photos of his baby.  So I did! And I had a blast doing it!  Here is just a tiny sneak peak.  I promise to share more soon!

Thanks for a great time Tyler!  I can’t wait to dig into the rest of them!


  1. Oh, those boys love their cars! He looks so proud!

  2. That’s what boys likes the most 😉

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