Betsy and Raul… MARIED!

A few weeks back I once again teamed up with LaViera photography for another fun wedding day!  This time I served as an assistant.  Assisting is fantastic!  I get to enjoy the creative fun of the wedding day without a lot of the workload that comes with being the lead photographer.  I do serve as a lead photographer for LaViera, but today I was able the enjoy a more relaxed roll.

What a sweet girl Betsy, our bride, is.  She was just the kindest person I think I’ve had to the chance to work with yet.  Her gracious and grateful spirit spilled over onto everyone around her.  And her smile! My goodness no wonder Raul fell in love with her!

This wedding marked a first me!  The entire ceremony took place in Spanish.  I do not speak one word!  The language barrier did not propose a problem however as emotions shine through no matter what.

Betsy and Raul are certainly a fantastic match.  He was the perfect gentlemen taking care of his bride’s every need.  Who says chivalry is dead?

Thank you LaViera photography for another fantastic experience.

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