It Was a Fantastic 4th!

It was dark.  I sat in one of those cheap sling back camping chairs.  You know the kind that fit in a bag, the ones that no one really wants to sit in for very long yet it is all you can buy for lawn chairs now a days.  The smell of bug spray mixed with gun powder lingered in the air.  Sounds of fire crackers popping and screams of delight filtered in from every direction.  I sat with my baby girl hugging me close.  She wasn’t a fan of the noise.  Neither was her brother Ezra who sat with Daddy covering his ears.  Noah was off to the side, my big shot this year, showing off his goofiness for his cadre of friends. We were at the home of some of our closest friends celebrating our country, freedom, and what really is a wonderful life.  Though I admit my baby girl was not a fan of the fireworks, I felt content and happy.  I soaked up those moments.  They are what life is lived for.

We had a whirlwind of a weekend.  I think it’ll take the entire week to rest and recover and thankfully that is okay.  Friday began with a block party to benefit charity.  My husband and I took the crew off to the top of a mall parking garage where there were bouncy houses, food, games, and an awesome demonstration of Karate excellence being given by my boy’s Karate school Valentin Karate.  Though my guys were hesitant to show off their skills at first… once they sat back and observed they were able to get the lay of the land.  Next thing I knew they were front and center and giving it their all.  To say I was a proud Momma would be a tremendous understatement.

I was certainly amazed when my guys jumped out there more or less on their own to show off their forms.  I hadn’t expected that!

Later on we enjoyed an awesome display of fireworks.  Can you believe I took these with my iPhone?  It was all I had as my other camera battery died.  Poor planning on my part I guess.  Oh well!  It sure was fun taking them either way.

My crew had such a great time that they couldn’t manage to wake up the next morning.  They got up at their usual time and then one by one crawled into Mommy and Daddy’s bed until we were pushed out.  They just looked too adorable though.  I guess I forgive them.

Saturday was a wedding day for me.  I was working for LaViera Photography again.  That is always an adventure! I’ll be sure to blog about it soon.  On Sunday we didn’t go far or do too much.  It was a pretty decent day of much needed rest. (Well, minus the Wedding photos I culled through and edited and the mini album I made for a client!)

Finally, last night we enjoyed the lovely company of good friends at a great backyard picnic.  The boys got to swim in their awesome pool.  It seems Ezra is going to be our fish.  Noah preferred to mostly enjoy the water from the edge… that is until he fell in!  I was pleasantly surprised though that he mostly managed to keep himself above water.  It scared the daylights out of him and I worry it’ll make him even more reluctant to try out the water next time.

Joyanna hung out with Mommy.  She was sporting that Diva look last night with her big floppy hat and Mommy’s sunglasses.  I managed to snap a shot of her standing.  She’s able to walk several steps at a time now but she always slinks to the floor when she sees Mommy with the camera.  STINKER!

What would the 4th be without sparklers!  It was a tradition that sort of slipped my mind.  Thankfully our friends Pam and Tony were on the ball.  They had a whole bunch for the crew to enjoy!

This is probably my favorite shot from the whole weekend.  It might not be a technically perfect work of art.  But it sure does capture the moment and a fantastic memory.  There were the children’s faces as fireworks were shooting off in the sky.  LOVE IT!

These are my snapshots of a good life. A great weekend celebrating our country, our family, and our friends.  Most of them were taken either with my point & shoot camera or even my iPhone.  Thank you to all the men and women in our country who have fought bravely and selflessly to make my good life possible.  Happy 4th of July everyone!  Have a fantastic week!


  1. Your family is adorable! Love your daughter in the hat and sunglasses! 😉 I miss my daughter being that age. Oh the fun we had!!

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