I had the pleasure of photographing a precious and oh so deliciously chubby 6 month old baby girl yesterday afternoon.  Her mother chose Elizabeth Park in Hartford for this round of photos.  I cannot wait to share them.  She is just too cute!  She has the most beautiful dark eyes that just shined all day!  After the shoot I looked around and decided I had to stay and play with that macro lens I am always raving about.  Yes, more flowers!  I know, I’m becoming obsessed with photographing flowers. But I enjoy it!  I hope you do too.

I decided to use these photos to kick off a new series on Macro Photography that I am calling Macrolicious! Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to venture into a wider variety of subjects than my usual flowers.  But aren’t flowers just so pretty?


Happy Tuesday!  As always, I appreciate readers and love commenters!  Let me know you stopped by!

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