Monday Monday!

What’s that song?  It goes… Monday Monday La laaaaa, lalala, la.  Okay I just completely and totally destroyed that one I know.  So bad no one has a clue what I am talking about. Oh well!  It’s old.  By the Mamas and the Papas.  I actually heard it for the first time in about forever this weekend while at our local amusement park with the kids.  They were playing it in the Oldies Diner restaurant.  Yes, I sang along!  Why not? Right? The kids laughed and played along. I have to soak up these moments because before I know it that sort of behavior will embarrass them and that will be the end of that!

We spent most of our time that day in the water park. It was the first time Joyanna was truly introduced to water. In the beginning she was NOT impressed. She clung to me and cried. All the other parents looked at me like I was some cruel parent. But honestly, it was HOT! It was about 100 degrees that day and we both needed to cool off. Don’t worry, I didn’t hold her in the water for long. But I did try again and again. After a few minutes she was smiling and even splashing just a bit. The water was just a foot deep so she was able to stand. Can you believe she tried to walk away? Repeatedly? She even yelled at me when I hung on to her and would let her go! Eventually I found a place where we could walk together. That made her happy.

My boys?  They seem to becoming quite the little fish.  Noah typically is very cautious near water. Even in the bathtub he would refuse to float on his back or put his face in the water.  For years we’d encourage him to try it and he refused.  But this year is a whole new year.  He likes to actually try to swim.  He even sinks his whole body, head and all, right under the water.  He is even becoming a fan of the water slides!  The last place I think he is leery of water is in those places where he cannot stand up.  That is understandable.  But his reaction the other day makes me think he just might actually respond positively to swimming lessons.  Ezra seems to be more a natural water bug.  He is already very comfortable though he still avoids putting his face in the water.  That’s okay with me for now.

Guess what… I don’t have any photos of any of this. I know! I know! What was I thinking! Honestly… I wanted to be part of the memory and not worry about keeping a camera safe and dry. I don’t regret it. I’ll bring a camera another time… I promise. I did feel slightly bad when I found the I Heart Faces challenge for the week. It was, of course, photos that involve water! Oh the photos I could have created at the water park that day. Oh well what can you do right?

I do have a photo of water to share.  It is of my Banana enjoying a bath.  I got a little funky and carried away with the processing.  I’d probably never do this for a photo of a client.  But it is fun for my own stuff once in a while.  Look at that face.  She is such a crack up!  Can you just hear her thoughts?  “Mom! Would you please get that camera out of my face?  I’m a little busy here!”  What will I ever do with her?




So it’s another Monday.  Another start to another week.  I hope your week is a good one.  Oh, and just in case anyone is still trying to figure out what on earth song I was pretending to sing at the start of this post.. this is just for you!



  1. Cute! sometimes it’s fun to get carried away with processing!

  2. Precious! And the processing is really fun. I like to get a little carried away with it, too, on my own photos.:)

  3. Very cute! What a precious photo love it!

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