Back To School Photo Challenge!

If you read my blog you  know that in our house back to school means back to HOMESCHOOL!  Yep, if you didn’t know it already we are a family of homeschoolers.  And we love it… mostly!  No really, we do love homeschooling but I’d be delusional if I failed to admit that not every day is sunshine and roses.  More on that another day.  Last week we celebrated the start of a brand new school year!  I cannot wait to share with you an entire blog post detailing the adventures of that great day!  But for today I want to share one great photo from last week.  My 3 year old Ezra is not an official schooler yet.  Well, ok I guess he is an official preschooler.  He chooses to tag along with his big brother in almost everything we do.  So when I asked Noah to draw me a picture of himself, you can be sure there was no way Ezra was going to allow himself to be forgotten.  I captured this sweet moment while he was busy contemplating his work.  I love it!


  1. I admire homeschooling moms! And what an adorable picture of your son!

  2. Hey Crystal! We are on the b school together! Love the picture and so nice to see you on I Heart Faces!!!

  3. What a cute photo. Wonderful for back to school. I wanted to home school, but with everything going on with Carsyn I just couldn’t.

  4. This is really sweet! he looks like he is seriously thinking about something 🙂

  5. The shallow depth of field is great on this image!

  6. I love how you are able to see his handwriting in the photo! Still amazed at all the patience you have for homeschooling. Good for you!

  7. so sweet!

    I have a new photo blog hop starting Mondays… love to have you!


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