Christine and Vinny! MARRIED! Delmar Hotel, Greenwhich CT

Christine and Vinny!  What can I say! They are just an absolutely fabulous couple.  Their wedding day was absolute perfection.  Christine was your model Zen bride.  She was cool, calm, and collected.  So much so that she began her day with her own personal yoga session.  Nothing riles and why should it? She was marrying the man of her dream.

Vinny was a doll of a groom.  He and his groomsmen reminded me of something straight from the movie The God Father.  TRUE Italians.  They sounded as if they hailed from Brooklyn though he insisted they were from central Connecticut!  How funny!  He too was the picture of calm.  Happiness just permeated from this guy!  So much that even his eyes twinkled.  And what gorgeous eyes he has!

This ceremony was quite unique.  It will be one for the ages.  To begin, it lasted a short and sweet four minutes.  I swear that must be a record!  Never have I had to work so fast in all of my days as a wedding photographer.  They chose a civil ceremony in a very delightful and cozy room at the Delmar Hotel in Greenwich Harbor.  I loved the close and intimate flair.    I have to say that that things in the ceremony were extremely close.  I’ve never worked in such a tight space.  I spoke with the justice of the peace before the ceremony began.  He suggested I stand more or less quite literally right next to him.  I much prefer to be extremely obtuse.  I’m not there to be a part of the wedding but to capture the story of the day.  My favorite complement is when someone tells me that they didn’t even realize I was there.  However once the ceremony began I realized I had absolutely positively no choice.  There was no other place for me to be.  So I did as he offered.


The reception was an absolutely fantastic party!  I just can’t help but share a few!

I’ll leave you with this last image! It is a shot of Vinny and his mother.  I just love this moment.  Maybe it is because I am a sappy momma of two boys myself.  It is just so sweet!

Thank you Christine and Vinny!  And thank you LaViera Photography for another great wedding.  Have a fantastic week everyone!


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