Some Home Inspiration!

“Wow! I thought your walls would be covered with your stuff!”  That’s what a good friend said to me the other day when she walked into my home for the first time.  I hung my head in shame.  She was right.  I really don’t have ANY of my own photography hanging in my home.  Even the photos of my children that I adore taking primarily live on my computer.  This is one of the reasons I don’t enjoy selling digital files.  Digital files tend to live their lives as digital files, forever stored in the depths of a hard drive computer.  If people are honest with themselves they will admit that the chances of them printing most of the files are not great.  I want my work to be seen!  Why spend the time effort and money if you aren’t ever going to do anything with those photos?

But who am I? I am no better than anyone else!  All of my beautiful digital files.  What good are they as no one sees them? Except for the few the land on my blog they waste away on hard drives and in DVD’s.  How silly!  So I am on a mission to start DOING something with these photos of mine!  I immediately found one I love of my boys and framed in proudly in my living room.  I’m making plans to decorate my kitchen walls as well.  And as I was digging through files I found this very simple photo.  I thought it might work perfectly in my bedroom.  My bedroom is yellow, green, and blue.  What do you think?  Is this wall worthy?

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend! I hope I will!


  1. Definitely think this is wall worthy, and it will look great with the bedroom colors you have! =) Do it! I’m on this same mission as we speak! Share what you end up doing! I’d love to see!

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