Let Them Be Little! Mr. Matthew!

Would you just look at this little bundle of LOVE!  Is he not just the sweetest thing ever?  And I got to photograph him!  Yep! I’m certainly privileged!  And can I tell you something?  This little guy had to be one of the happiest babies I’ve ever had the honor to photograph.  I’m sure it helps that his parents Caryn and Mike are just some of the coolest people ever! His two big sisters and his big brother rock too! I am blessed to count them among my friends.

So today I am extra lucky as I get to kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak.  I am giving Caryn a little sneak peak of her handsome guy and since this photo absolutely screams out for the I Heart Faces photo challenge of the week (Let Them Be Little) I thought I would go ahead and enter it for that as well.

Happy Monday!  I hope every has a truly enjoyable week!  Thanks for looking and thank you even more for leaving a comment.



  1. He is just the cutest! THose eyes are beautiful 🙂

  2. Mr. Matthew is super cute!

  3. He does look very sweet and content—makes you just want to hug him up!…..

  4. Mike Brannen says:

    This is a fantastic photo! Thanks Crystal!

  5. Lisa Sanderson says:

    If this is ANY indication of what is to come…I for one CAN’T WAIT!! You are a gifted photographer Chrystal. Thank you.

  6. Super sweet! What a fun age! Love that you captured all the roles. 🙂

  7. VERY cute

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