The Wedding Day Hangover! | Jess and Joe’s Wedding, Elizabeth Park in Hartford

I awoke this morning with a swift kick to the back. My eyes were slow to open. I was more than groggy. I was confused and disoriented. “Where am I anyway? I thought to myself.  Just a moment before I was lost in some deep dream. In my dream a former world collided with my current world. I was younger and away from home. I was in college though it wasn’t any college I have ever actually attended.  I was photographing a wedding. It was very surreal which I suppose is appropriate as it was a dream.  I was so deep in that dream that when I was jostled awake it took me a long time to really understand where I was, even who I am.

As the real world came into focus I realized that I was indeed in my own bed. That I am no college student any more but a wife and a mother.  Why am I being somewhat rudely pulled into wakefulness? Because my sweet baby girl, who uncharacteristically decided her crib was beneath her the evening before, was grumbling herself awake.  The leap from her own dream land was catapulted by just one thing. Her stomach.  She was on a quest to let me know just how hungry she was and that I was to feed her immediately.  Nothing like a pushy girl huh?

I peaked an eye at the clock. Just after 6:30am. It immediately brought back a conversation I had with another woman night before who will someday be a mother but hasn’t found herself in that part of life just yet.  She was lamenting the fact that she couldn’t sleep in today because she needed to have a tire for her car repaired. I laughed and asked her how early she would need to get up. “8 o’clock” she replied. 8 o’clock? My goodness if my eyes do not see the light of day until 7am I am thrilled!

So here it was, 6:40 am and I am up! I begin to lift my body from the mattress and it is in that moment it hits me. I feel like I’ve been involved in a train wreck. Every muscle groans.  My head is fuzzy and it aches. I feel hung over. I take stalk for a moment. What did I do last night? It’s been at least 8 or 9 years since I drank enough to be hung over at least from alcohol.  No this was not the result of a drinking binge. This is a wedding hangover. That’s right. Last night was a wedding night for me. I spent hours on my feet crouching and even crawling in the grass. I had lifted furniture out of the way and at times even climbed on it. All of this while hoisting a camera and lens that weighs nearly as much as a small child.  Or at least by the end of the evening is sure feels like it does.  I never ate a proper dinner and I only had one glass of water during the entire evening.  I am dehydrated.

But there is my sweet baby girl. Ready to start her day. And therefore so am I. I take a moment to count my blessings. I may feel like I was hit by a bus but I’ve made myself a career that affords me the luxury of spending almost every moment with my family.  Yep, the aches and pains are worth it for sure.  There is just one thing, what will I do next year when I am scheduled to shoot two weddings in one weekend?  I might just keel over.  Maybe I should hit the gym!

I can’t say happy Monday without a little sneak peak of this weekend’s events!  Congratulations Jessica and Joe!  Maybe you have a long and happy life!





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