Belly Laughs!

I think sometimes I forget to laugh.  No really!  I’m not trying to be all melancholy but I think it happens.  I’m rushing through my day.  Math papers, reading books, laundry, vacuum cleaners, diapers and bibs.  My marriage too!  Time with God.  My business, my creative needs, my writing.  Karate, basketball, prayer services.  Field trips, lunches to pack, play dates to keep.  Friends to remember, prayers to be said, books to read.  It all gets jumbled up.  It all gets jammed together.  When do I laugh?  Not enough.  I love my life. It is certainly not that I lack for moments of joy!  I have so very much to delight in.  But when was the last time I had a good gut busting belly laugh.

My Banana Cakes has it right.  She knows how to laugh.  I think I want to be more like her.  Her brother too.  Ezra has had the VERY best belly laugh ever since the day he was born.  I need to bottle that up!  I need to drink it up!  I need to soak it up!  I need to make it a part of me!

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