Going back to where it all started….

When you run a business, a creative business like photography, sometimes you forget to be… well… creative!  I know that sounds insane!  But it is true!  When I’m out on a shoot I am working for a client.  A client who has hired me to get what they want… not necessarily what I want.  Time is usually short so I must get the standard stuff before I try to get stuff just for me.  But honestly, by then… patience is lost, light is low, or the wind has kicked up and everyone is cold. It can be a bit frustrating to say the least.

So this year I’m going to try and find the time to get back to that creativity that started it all.  I’m participating in an iphone photography class.  I’ve signed up for challenges galore.  And I’m trying my hand at some personal projects.  I plan to share it all here on my blog. I fear what might happen is I end up trying a lot of stuff that just won’t work out!  Ok, wait… that isn’t a fear, it’s a fact.  It’s going to happen.  I’m going to throw a lot of stuff at the proverbial wall and I’m going to hope some of it sticks.  So watch out, you might get hit by flying poo.  Let’s see if I can learn a little something along way.

There is so much yumminess out on the internet!  I’m soaking up a ton of inspiration!  Up first… a photo challenge from www.evokingyou.com. We were challenged to photograph a mirror in some way.  This was my result. A twist on the self-portrait.

Happy Thursday!  Oh, and scroll down and skip around to check out other fabulous mirror images from the evoking you photographers!


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