Trying to be creative… with my camera, with my paper crafts, with my digital art… with ANYTHING takes imagination. You have to imagine a possibility and take a road to get there. Usually my imagination road is sort of windy and I don’t often end up at the destination I had originally imagined. I like to think I end up some place even better. Sometimes that true. Its the journey that I enjoy though. The creative process as they say. It can be messy. Lots of photos, or torn paper, or whatever. I like to be messy. I like to circle around my concept and see where I can end up.

But my Noah…. he’s six. If I want to see what true imagination is really like I just have to hang out with him for about five seconds! It only takes that long before he says… “Hey Mommy, Guess What…..!” And before I know it I’m enveloped in tail of glory. It might be about police chases and bad guys, or maybe the biblical town of Jericho and battles, usually it has something to do with Legos… sometimes it’s Thomas the Tank Engine. No matter what it’s about I never really know where I’ll end up when Noah is imagining. I need to record one of his trips one day. It’d be awesome to have when he’s all grown up and the world gets in the way of his imagining.



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