The power of your touch!

You know, a father’s touch is just as powerful as a mother’s.  Maybe even more so in come ways.  To see a tiny newborn in the hands of a loving, and sometimes awkward father… it’s breath taking.  The hands have the power to sooth, love, caress, and comfort. A gentle touch can often say more than million words. A sweet caress can bring one right to their knees. For a child it can lift them up! A strong touch can protect and even heal. Of course, there is a different sort of touch too… the kind that has the power to bring down, wreck havoc, even destroy. But I light to capture beauty. So that is what I did.

I strive to create photographs that capture sweet moments that can now last for a lifetime. Maybe some day this little baby won’t have his daddy any more. Or maybe he’ll just grow up and move far away. That loving touch from daddy won’t be readily available. But I like to think that when he sees this photo he’ll know he was loved. That’s the legacy I want to leave with my work.

To see even more stunning images of hands at work, at rest, at play, in love… check out these awesome photographers below. Happy Friday!


  1. Love this shot! Great writing too!

  2. Gorgeous image! I love the symmetry.

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