What is With Women Anyway? Or.. Book Review: Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe

Before I begin, I bought the Kindle version of this book myself. I was not asked or compensated for this review in any way.

Now that that junk is out of the way…

What is it with women? We are just absolutely convinced every other woman and/or mom and/or homeschooling family has it together and we don’t! We constantly compare ourselves to others and totally rake ourselves over the coals because we believe that the face that everyone else puts forth is real. We allow Satan himself to whisper untruths into our ears and we believe every word of it. In the end we feel defeated and we might even give up on the things in life we truly value.

That’s really the premise of this book by Todd Wilson. I chose to read it as I just knew it’d be a book that could lift me up. I was right. So was he. What do we homeschooling moms (and really every mom for that matter) tell ourselves? Some of my favorites that he discusses in the book include these ones I’m guilty of constantly telling myself… “Everyone’s house is cleaner than yours.” Or “Everyone is more disciplined than you and more spiritual.” I also like… “Everyone else can do it all!” Ok, I have to tease this last one out just a bit. I’ve had countless mom’s ask me how I do it all. Do WHAT all? What are they talking about I DO NOT have it all together… I do NOT do it all… whatever it means anyway. But then I pause because I realize, this must be the face I show the world. That some how I’ve got it all together when really inside I SO DO NOT! Or, is that Satan himself whispering lies in my ear.

This book made me think… maybe I should reexamine what I’m showing the world. Maybe I’m not as real as I think I am. Maybe I can somehow encourage another mom by letting some of my not togetherness hang out a bit.

I do recommend you read the book. It is a light and easy read but it does make you think. It is worth the $5 investment (Kindle version) and your time.

Click on the image to head right to the Kindle store. (And just an FYI, I don’t get anything at all if you buy the book yourself.)

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