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I crawled up stairs to my children’s rooms to collect the never ending piling of dirty laundry. Why doesn’t that pile ever end exactly? I mean, it truly seems as if the dirty clothing is reproducing itself right there in my children’s hampers, and on the floor, and in the bathroom, on the stairs, and just about every other place they visit in the course of a day.

I rounded the corner and stopped. The air was sucked out of my lungs just a bit. I hate to make the moment seem overly dramatic but it was a moment that struck me. I tipped toed back downstairs to retrieve my camera praying all the way that I didn’t spoil what I saw and that it’d still be there when I returned. Often times by the time I grab my camera the moment of time, the story, the memory has flittered on past. This time I got lucky.

This moment would probably come off as ordinary to most people. In fact, it really was just an every day moment. I know I’ve skipped over times like these thousands of times and never thought anything of it. I’m glad I paused today. Here were my boys being boys, enjoying themselves just as four year olds and six year olds should. They seem to grow my minute. I wanted this story saved forever.

That’s what Lifestyle Photography is to me at least. Capturing a moment, a story, a flicker of time just as it was. No posing, no smiling, and at best just reaching the camera around for a better angle. I got what I was after.



I love how these photos capture not only exactly who they are right now, but I’ve also preserved a bit of history. We can see a bit of how their room looks, Ezra’s bedding, and the big Lego table. Eventually all of that will be outgrown and gone. I want to remember it just as it is right now.

Of course you can’t leave out the youngest. She’s my baby though I must come to grips with how much she is growing. She’s nearly two and just about finished potty training. Sigh! I probably jinxed it writing that here. Oh well. I needed to capture her just as she is right now too.


Often in the chaos of life it is hard to stop and savor the smallness of who they are and what they are doing. Take the time, it’ll be worth it.

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