Check It Out! New Digs!

I’ve got a new blog! Isn’t it fancy? Honestly it’s what I’ve wanted for a long long time. My old blog was all about what the “experts” said I needed in order to grow my photography business. But… it just never fit me! I felt constricted. I didn’t believe I could truly express myself on that blog. I am so so much more than my business. Want to see what I’m all about? Go check out my new About Me page. There I am, take it or leave it. It’s all up to you!

So instead of doing what “they” say I should I’m going to do what works for me. Yes I’ve talked about my faith, our homeschooling, and my life along side my photography and posts about client sessions. Still, I didn’t feel comfortable in that format. I thought it was confusing. I just didn’t feel free to really express myself the way I really really want to. I was too wrapped up in doing what I was told I should do.

Let’s do what’s right for me now, shall we? Happy Monday!

ps. Be on the look out for a giveaway this week. I’ve got to do something, even if it small, to celebrate right?

Now I can’t have a post without a photo can I? I took this one with iPhone at sunrise during a recent trip to Maine. Not bad for an iPhone I’d say!

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