How did this Veganish thing start anyway?

That’s what everyone keeps asking me. Let me tell you most definitely if you told me not even four months ago that I’d one day be a Vegan I’d have laughed in your face! How ludicrous. Ok, I could just about see being vegetarian but VEGAN? Come on! Give up milk, cheese, and eggs. We NEED those for calcium and protein… right? right? Not to mention I LOVED those foods. Meat I could see as I’ve never been very much of a meat eater. Ask my mother. I was terrified of choking on it as a child so I’d chew it and chew and chew it. Then I’d just stuff it in my cheek like a chipmunk and continue on eating the rest of my dinner. She’d find me hours later chewing again. Gross I know!

This is how it all went down. I watched the documentary Food Inc. on Netflix several months ago. This documentary dives head first into many issues with America’s diet and food system like factory farming. It is a powerful video and got me thinking. But at the time I wasn’t the chef in my household so it didn’t seem my place to ask for such sweeping changes in our diet. So I sort of put it on the back burner.

Then in early February I came across another documentary (I’m a documentary junky can you tell?) titled Fat! Sick! and Nearly Dead! This video went even further into the pitfalls of the American diet as it chronicled the life of Joe Cross. Joe Cross was fat, sick, and nearly dead so he decided to indulge in a 60 day juice fast so that he might cure himself of all sorts of ailments. Joe Cross seemed to remind me of my husband. Though he wasn’t nearly as bad off as Joe Cross, he was on a similar path packing on the pounds year by year. I asked Todd, my husband to watch it with me. The next day he was asking for a Juicer for his upcoming birthday. Before we knew it, a juice for breakfast and another for lunch and the pounds were melting away.

The next thing I did was watch the movie Forks Over Knives (I told you I’m a documentary junkie). This movie REALLY describes the terrible impact of the Standard American Diet (SAD) has on people, our environment, and animals. I shared the facts with Todd who eventually watched the movie himself. It wasn’t long before we both agreed we could not in good conscious consume anything from an animal again. It was for the good of our health, our children’s health, God’s creatures, and the environment.

To just put it all out there, as a Christian who deeply believes God puts different callings into my life, do believe God put me up to this and like other things He has put me up to in my life. I just couldn’t ignore it. But that’s between me and Him.

This isn’t exactly easy to talk about. This is the right choice for our family. I never want to make anyone feel like I’m preaching or that I’m in anyway putting them down. Your choices are none of my business. I do believe what we eat is having a horrible impact on our health and our world but I’m not mad you for making choices that are different from mine.  I truly believe we are all doing the best we can with what we have. I’m mad at the factory farms and the media marketing machine that’s brain washed us into believing myths and outright lies. That’s just my opinion. You are entitled to yours and I welcome you to it. I’ll continue to share with you what I’ve learned via this blog bit by bit over the coming months. Please do watch those movies I linked to, they are all on Netflix, and form your own opinion.

So far my husband has lost at least 40lbs and counting. I have lost 8lbs myself and I don’t need to loose another ounce. We’ve noticed other fantastic health benefits as well that I’ll share another time. I’ll even tell you how I got my kids to switch, though I’m not insanely strict with them for sure. I’ll share our favorite recipes, our favorite cookbooks, our favorite blogs, and other useful tidbits.

Thanks for reading and thank you to those who have already encouraged us along the way.

One of my favorite recipes from Happy Herbivore, Pineapple Teriyaki Chickpeas. YUM!


  1. fran tetro says:

    very inspiring! I looked up some recipes–what is gimme lean?

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