Just When I Think I’m the Teacher… My Children Humble Me.

This week we lost a friend. He fought a mighty fight against cancer but in the end it became clear that God was calling him home. For months now my boys and I have prayed to God for a miracle. We prayed God would move mountains and bring healing to our friend.

When word came that the end had come I prepared myself for a discussion on unanswered prayers. I sat my boys down and went over the details as far as they could understand them. I started to say something like “I know we prayed to God for healing and it seems God had other plans….” when my six year old cut me off. He said “God answered our prayers, Mr. Santos is in heaven now, he’s healed!”

Ok then! I was left speechless. My son was absolutely right. God answered our prayer. What I thought would be a lesson for my children turned out to be a lesson for Mommy. It was a lesson I sorely needed.

Has this every happened to anyone else? Please share!



  1. Crystal, I’m sorry for your loss. The boys were absolutely correct though…he is healed now. Children often are our most direct link to Jesus as they hold a special place in his heart. My own two give me insights on almost a daily basis on how I can better serve. HUGS!

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