So what’s this Plant Based thing all about?

Ok, where to start! As my husband recently posted on his Facebook wall ” 3 months ago I never imagined being veganish. Now I can barely fathom ever eating another animal product. Yep I’m wierd!” My husband has lost just about 40 pounds in the three months since we radically changed our eating habits. I am SO proud of him!

Let me explain what we mean by “veganish.” We say “veganish” because, though we have no desire to eat anything animal based, we do refuse to be legalistic about it. In our home there will be absolutely positively no meat, no dairy, no milk, no cheese, and no eggs. At all! In anything! When we are out and about or with a friend, we simply plan to make the best choices we can. I do not believe we’ll ever eat meat. But if someone sprinkles some cheese on top of our pasta… so be it. I won’t ask you if you cooked something with butter, or if that bread has eggs in it. I’m just doing the best I can with what I have.

One of the first questions someone asked me when they heard about this was… “What about birthday parties?” They were concerned I wouldn’t let my children attend a birthday party with cake and and ice cream or something. Yes, of course my children can still attend birthday parties and since this isn’t an allergy but a choice I will allow my children to choose whether to enjoy the cake and ice cream. They are small, I’ll be willing to bet they will choose to enjoy lots of cake and ice with their friends in the years to come.

Check out the dinner I made last night!

It was seriously nothing fancy!  What you have here are Boca Vegan burgers, some carrot “french fries,” and a little quinoa sweetened with some agave nectar and raisins.  Oh, and a glass of rice milk to top it off.  DELICIOUS!  And great for a quick meal.


We are just babies along this journey of eating plant-based foods. We have so much to learn. I hope to share it all with you right here in future posts, including how all of this began. Welcome to the ride!

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