There Are Rules for Spelling? Or.. What IS She Teaching Them Anyway?

I an terrible speller. Totally, fully, and truthfully. Seriously! I’m SURE I will misspell at least a couple of words in this very blog post.  One of the first gadgets I ever owned was a handheld dictionary. It worked! In high school computers became more readily available as did the built in spell checker. It was a life saver!

How did I learn to spell? Back in elementary school we had 5-10 spelling words per week that we had to write every day five times each. We had to use them in sentences and find them in word searches. At the end of the week there was a test. I always did fine. But in no way did we cover every word of the English language. So there was plenty I never learned to spell.

I tried the same approach I learned in school for my son Noah. It SO did not work. He just wasn’t learning to spell at all! We were both seriously frustrated with each other. So to the internet we went in search of a more systematic program. Thankfully we found All About Spelling. We dove head first into level 1 and we haven’t looked back.

Here is the thing… I am AMAZED!!! You mean there are RULES for spelling? It isn’t all just shear memorization. For example, I had no idea C says the “sss” sound before i, e, and y. That’s crazy! That makes life so much simpler. I might actually spell something right for a change. Amazing! If I had learned things like that all those years ago perhaps I wouldn’t have struggled so much!

One of the other things I really enjoy about All About Spelling are the letter tiles the children use to make spelling more game like. There is no writing of the same words until your hands fall off, although some writing is certainly required. I took these photos with my iPhone so you can see for yourself.


At one point I asked Noah to spell the word pass. He was working through whether to use a double S (there is a rule for that, did you know that?) I chuckled when I looked up and saw this…


If my husband walked in at that moment I think he’d want to know exactly what I am teaching these children anyway!


  1. That is too funny about the rules!!! My husband and I were just talking about that the other day, how we dont remember any of the rules…I guess we just memorized how things were spelled.

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