No More Dairy Equals No More Pain!

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Toward the end of last year I was dealing with a problem. I was developing chronic pain in my neck. I woke up daily with what was becoming pretty severe pain running down my neck and into my back. Turning my head was becoming increasingly difficult. I was beginning to dread simple things like backing my van down my driveway. I couldn’t decide what to do about it! Warm compresses helped some, sometimes. Would a better pillow help at all? Did I need a chiropractor or some other kind of doctor? What to do what to do? I procrastinated because I am just not a fan of the doctor’s office! Who is right? Besides, maybe it’s not treatable! You don’t know how many people I know who live with chronic pain every day of their lives. It seems those that do not suffer are few and far between. I figured my day for pain might finally have come. Some days were better than others. I counted my blessings on the good days.

We began our new way of eating in early February. One morning toward the end of the month I woke up and realized I was free of pain. Later in the day it dawned on me…I actually hadn’t experienced any pain at all for several days! Now almost three months later the pain has yet to return!

Since then I’ve read countless articles, blog posts, and websites that proclaim that eliminating dairy can virtually cure you of chronic joint pain and arthritis. A very quick Google search of “dairy and pain” will give you more information than you can process. Simply put, and I’m far from an expert and if I have it wrong I’m SURE someone will correct me, dairy raises the acidic level of your body which can then cause joint inflammation and pain. WHO KNEW! I’ve read articles detailing how children and adults who were absolutely crippled with rheumatoid arthritis were cured when they eliminated all dairy from their diets. Praise God! Now if I’m even slightly tempted to indulge in something containing dairy I just remind myself of the pain I was suffering and all of sudden I’m not so tempted any more.

Do you suffer in pain? What would happen if you eliminated dairy from your diet for 40 days? If anyone takes me up on this challenge I’d love to hear about it.


  1. Shawna Sweeney says:

    Awesome!! I have been dealing with inflamation in my ankles since last July! (note it is now the end of may) and we discovered that it is a result of my flat feet! (I had to figure it out -the Dr. just kept prescribing antinflamatory medications) and I’m still trying to get used to my orthodics….maybe I should cut out dairy and see if it helps ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!!

  2. wow! I have a ganglion cyst on my wrist….and it hurts so much every now and then, I wonder if going dairy free would help? such a hard thing to cut out of my diet!

  3. We are dairy free too because of food allergies. But it has greatly helped my hubby’s asthma. Dairy free has been so worth it to us!

  4. When I gave up all milk and milk product a little more than twenty years ago, I finally found relief from the migraine headache that I had been suffering from for two years (two years of a waxing/waning headache with no real relief).

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