She Stole My Heart! My Baby Turned 2!

I am blessed to have three beautiful, healthy, and happy children. As each of them came into my world I fell over myself in love. They are as different as could be yet they share many of the same characteristics. My three have a pretty distinct look, especially as infants. Take one look and you know they are siblings.


My boys are awesome! Full of life and always rambunctious. They always strive to be just like Daddy. I was always struck by how the mimicked him. I remember as a little toddler Noah would wrap himself in his Daddy’s belt and even take his Daddy’s pager and try to clip it to himself as he had seen their father do countless times. They wanted to dress like Daddy, walk like Daddy, and do whatever Daddy did. It was amazing and humbling. They watch us so closely. Once in a while they might try to be like Mommy, but really the sun rose and set around Daddy.


Then in just before Christmas in 2009 we were told we were having a baby girl. I was absolutely shocked and beside myself. I only knew boys. I couldn’t imagine being the Mommy of a girl. I was absolutely elated for sure. But it was an idea I needed to get used to.

Fast forward now about two and half years. We celebrated that little girls second birthday. The last two years have been a dream. We named this baby Joyanna and the name fits her perfectly as she is an absolute JOY! Since the day she was born she has just been a happy, easy going, joyful presence in our lives. Now don’t get me wrong, she is two! She DOES behave just like any other two year old complete with full blown screaming temper tantrums and moments of independence that make me want to rip my hair out.


What has amazed me, beyond a doubt, is how much she tries to be just like ME! I thought the boys watched me closely! That is absolutely nothing compared to the microscope I believe she keeps me under. She mother’s her babies just like I mother her. She insists on wearing clothes that resemble mine. She carries a purse over her shoulder just like I do. She even strives to wear her hair the way I do… only she doesn’t have enough yet so it doesn’t really work out very well.

How humbling! Yet how scary! I know that she is developing an idea of herself and her place in the world based on what she sees in me and how I interact with the world. If I’m secure, confident, and comfortable with myself then chances are she will be too. Knowing that I have such an influence makes me stand up and pay attention.


I once read that Daddy’s have greatest influence on boys and Mommy’s have the greatest influence on girls. I can certainly see how that is true right in my own home. My husband and I remind each other of this often.

So my mini-me turned two. My heart breaks because my baby is growing. But I’m totally enjoying the experience.

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