Vera and Olsi… Engaged! Hubbard Park Engagement Photography

Once in a while I am privileged enough to work with a couple that seems totally at ease in front of the camera. Being photographed isn’t easy. It can feel incredibly awkward. To make matters worse I tend to ask my clients to do things that make them feel ridiculous. Let me let you in on a little secret. I’m not necessarily looking to capture that ridiculous thing I just asked you to, I’m looking to capture the way your body moves as you put yourself into my ridiculousness as well as your reaction to it. If things go just as I plan, the results can be amazing. Suddenly we have fun, spontaneous, and relaxed expressions. Vera and Olsi seemed made for this. I’d say their session was a home run!


Vera and Olsi will be getting married at the end of this month. They are one of my LaViera couples. I shoot weddings and portrait session with a photography company called LaViera photography. I count myself blessed to be an associate photographer with this company.


Olsi is a military man, her serves in the Army. Vera is a nurse. The two are from Albania although they met in Philadelphia.


Olsi is an impressive and traditional gentleman who asked his future father-in-law for Vera’s hand in marriage before he proposed to her.



When the time came for him to pop the question Olsi decided to ask Vera to go out after she was through with work. Unfortunately being the ever practical girl that she is she declined as she wanted to just stay home and save their money.



Olsi reverted to plan B and planned a romantic evening at home. By the time Vera arrived she was on to his plan. What she found was an unlocked door and her man awaiting her arrival. He lowered to one knee and displayed her ring inside of a rose as he asked her to be his bride.




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