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I lived in a clean, well cared for home as a child. My mother did absolutely everything. Ok, not everything. I did have my own assigned chores. I was responsible for at least my own laundry, running the dishwasher, picking up anything out of place around the house, and vacuuming.

When I grew older and had a job of my own, I learned to iron my uniform and anything else I wanted wrinkle free. I’m pretty sure I had to do some routine bathroom cleaning as well.

It all had to be done before my mother came home from work. She often worked two jobs to make ends meet.

I frequently had all evening to finish my chores. Being a typical kid, I always waited until the last moment to get my stuff done. I usually finished just as she pulled into the driveway. That drove her nuts! But I got it done before she got home…right?

These few chores I learned to do, I learned to do them pretty well…..

Becky Zale of Purposeful Homemaking Has a great mini-series of blog posts by a variety of writers on her blog this week. I suggest you check them out. To read the rest of my article click on the image!

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