Michelle and Thomas… ENGAGED!

I’m sitting here at my keyboard fingers poised over the keys trying to find just the right words to use to introduce you all to Michelle and Thomas. Truth be told, the words are failing me. Typically I tell the story of how they met and fell and love or how he proposed.  I do plan to get to all of that.  I already know I’m going to fall down flat trying to describe just how awesome, sweet, and crazy these two are.  I am just so excited that they chose Crystal Starr as their CT Wedding Photographer.

Maybe this photo will help begin the story.

Needless to say, they had me rolling in laughter during their entire engagement session.  My cheeks seriously hurt from all of the grinning I did.

Michelle and Tom have been together for ten years! Yes, that’s right! That means they met back in high school at Band Camp!  If that alone isn’t enough fodder for laughs I don’t know what is.  These two play it up like pros.  And just for the record, she approached him.  Go Michelle!

Apparently their school days were very good to them as they each now work in the school system.  Michelle is a special education teacher and she teaches the color guard, Tom directs the band.

In fact, we had to post pone our original meeting because…. it was band camp week.  Apparently they just can’t get away from that stuff. 

I am very much looking forward their wedding next year.  Something tells me that it’ll be so much fun that their friends and family (and myself) will still be raving about it 10 years later.

To see more of Michelle and Tom’s engagement session please click the slideshow below. To make sure you don’t miss any of Tom and Michelle’s wedding hop on over to Crystal Starr’s Facebook and hit the like button.


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