Mike, Caryn, and Company!

Can I introduce you to one of the coolest families around? OK so I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this bouncy gang twice before so you might already be rather familiar with them. You are welcome to check out their past sessions here and here.  Since they are so full of smiles they grace my blog and my website often. But here they are! Mom and Dad are Mike and Caryn, the kidlets include Elizabeth, Sarah, Joshua, and of course little Matthew.


Each session with this crew is just hysterical. They are so full of energy, laughs, and giggles. I get a great workout and I always leave grinning ear to ear.


The coolest thing about these sweeties is how much they love each other. Of course they are siblings and they do have their share of sibling squabbles. Really those moments just leave me giggling even harder. I think that might because they remind me of own three babies ever so much.


The part that always surprises me the most is how much they enjoy our sessions. I’m always told the kids have a blast in front of my camera but I hear Elizabeth takes it to the next level. Mom shared with me that she went to school the following day and wrote a very detailed and flattering play-by-play account of our time together. I feel honored.




Stay tuned… I’m pretty sure this crew will grace my lens again next year. I can’t wait to see how they’ve grown.

To see more of Mike, Caryn, and Company please click the slideshow below.


  1. Lisa Sanderson says:

    It is so refreshing to see a family like this in this ‘day and age’. I am biased they are ‘My’ family…But I do so agree: Just the Most Beautiful/Handsome/Joyfull bunch. And Your photography is just amazing!! You actually do care about who You photograph and it shows. Thank You.

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