Brittany, Tommy, and Baby Noah!

Anyone remember this fabulous couple, Brittany and Tommy, from they engagement session back in 2011?  Well guess what?  They tied the knot and then were blessed with a beautiful bouncing baby boy.

They gave their baby the very best name every by the way.  They named him Noah Thomas… just like my little boy!  How cool is that?

And isn’t he just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?  Look at those gorgeous blue eyes! And that smile! I better hide my Joyanna away, this little guy is sure to be a heart breaker.

What a doll too.  He had to wake up rather early on the day of his session.  It was a bit cool and definitely very damp out.  It had rained buckets the day before.  In fact I went home completely soaked through up to my knees.  I could literally ring my pants out!  But I’d say it was definitely worth it!   Little Noah might be the first baby I ever photographed who didn’t fuss or cry even one time during our entire session!  He was such a good sport!

Thank you guys so much for sharing your family and your amazing little boy with me.  It was such a pleasure!  And congratulations again on your new handsome addition.

To see more of Brittany, Tommy, and Noah’s session please click the slideshow below.


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