It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I’m a Scrooge! I admit it! While I absolutely adore the Christmas season I absolutely detest decorating for it. The only think I dislike more would be UNDECORATING in January. I just really wish I could snap my fingers and be done with it. My bad attitude leads me to put the whole thing off each year as long as I can.

The truth is I’m too cheap to put any real money into really doing my Christmas decorations justice. I lack the time needed to create things inexpensively. Plus I have 6 little hands that are just itching to take apart anything I do manage to put together. So, I’m just never really pleased with the outcome. My home is really just a mishmash of stuff I’ve just sort of acquired over the years. A lot of it came from former students back in my teaching days. It’s hard on my creative spirit to live with… blah.

One of these years I’m going to make it right. But this year isn’t that year. I think I keep telling myself my kids are still too young. It isn’t fair to them to have a Scroogey Mommy so I did tell myself I’d suck it up for their sake. They were so excited to get the tree put up! I had to remind myself that they don’t see mishmash… they see Christmas magic. I’ve decided I need to look at the world through their eyes.

I did pick up a few extra strings of lights just to put a bit more umph into our home. I do think one of these years I’ll buy out the store and just light up about every inch. That might just be enough to make me happy.

Our tree is up and so are all of our decorations. This just might be a record! I think we waited until the 22nd of December the year Noah was born. I really am trying harder.


PS. It’s now been more than 24 hours since I wrote this post and we finished our decorating.  I’m singing a different tune today.  While I don’t have a magazine style super creative Christmas display… I do think it feels very comfortable.  I did add a lot of lights this year.  I think I really like how things came out.  Actually, dare I say I love it!  I love the lights! I’m definitely adding more next year!

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