Madigan and Camden

I have known Madigan and Camden’s mom Stephanie for a very long time.  In fact, she’s that person in my life who just seems to keep popping up.  I might not hear from her for months or years and then… there she is again!  Gracing me with her presence in my life once again.  Some how the two of us have managed to stay connected through middle school, high school, college (yes we happened to go to the same university), and our first job together (which happened to be in the same school district teaching the same level).  Oh and did I mention…. we ended up in graduate school together? No, none of it was planned… we’ve accused one another of stalking each other! Honestly thank goodness for Steph because she has been my friend through some challenging times.  We walked some hard roads together.  I might not have my Master’s Degree today if her friendly smile wasn’t there to greet me at every class.

Stephanie is a Mommy now.  She called me up… ok actually she sent me a Facebook Message, isn’t that how it’s done these days?  And she asked me create some photo memories for her and her family.  Can I say it… what an honor!  I know I know.. it’s what I always say.  But it is TRUE!

Of course her kids are just amazing.  We had a ball!  I think my Noah now has a secret crush on Madigan.  I made the mistake of telling him she likes Legos.  Plus, she’s gorgeous!  Mom is going to be beating the boys off with a stick!

Camden is just a sweetie.  These two munchkins really made me look good!  How lucky was I?

Thank you Stephanie for sharing your babies with me.  It was wonderful.

To see more of Madigan and Camden please click the slideshow below.

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